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RICS property inspections from Chassen House Building Surveyors, Manchester

Throughout our 15 years of experience, we at Chassen House Building Surveyors have seen many things during our property inspections. 
Here you can find some of the more common problems we find on-site.

We do not provide you with this information to scare you, but to give you an indication of common issues found during property surveys.

After all, just because you have seen a crack in a wall, this does not mean that the building is going to fall down.


If you have any worries about a property you are potentially looking to buy or your current property, get in touch with us to arrange a professional home survey.

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This is one of the most common issues we find with properties when conducting surveys. Especially common in older buildings. Damp can be difficult and costly to get rid of.

Some signs of damp problems can include condensation on interior walls and visible damp or mould patches which will appear black in nature. This mould can be detrimental to anyone's health so it is quite important to get this looked into properly.

Rising damp inside a home.jpg
Guttering and drainage pipes on a house, in poor condition.jpg


If you are buying a property and you noticed guttering in poor condition or potentially blocked, this could be an area of concern and ideally should be checked.

Broken, blocked or leaking gutters can lead to property damage. An ingress of damp, masonry damage and general integrity of a property structure, if left unresolved, can be of concern.


Painted walls if not done correctly with the right materials or if poorly maintained can result in numerous problems.

Cracked paint can trap moisture causing damp and further damage to the paint and walls. When the wrong type of paint or even render is used, this can cause damp internally allowing or trapping moisture. One visible sign of this is mould or visible damp patches, however this isn't always the case and to the naked eye the problem may not be evident without the right equipment.

Grey paint peeling off a concrete wall.jpg
Structural problem on a property, repairing a cracked wall.jpg


All properties have to satisfy building principles to ensure the property does not falter when it is built or in use. We will assess the property for any potential failings.

Some of the signs we look out for include:

  • Sagging roofs

  • Visible cracks in brickwork

  • Uneven flooring

  • Leaning of external walls


Japanese Knotweed is a plant which originated in Asia and found its way to the UK. As it has no natural predators here it can rapidly out perform other native species. This plant is known to grow very rapidly and is a survivalist with the ability to regrow from tiny cuttings of around 2mm. 

There are specialist companies who deal with the eradication of this plant and mortgage lenders may hold back funds until proof or insurances are in place to confirm this.

Japanese Knotweed.jpg
Protective workwear for asbestos being worn whilst removing it.jpg


Asbestos was used widely across the UK in the building industry before the year 2000. It is now well known to be a major health risk, so much so, that only specialist and licensed companies are allowed to deal with the removal of this construction material.

If you are concerned about a property that was constructed before the year 2000, it is always good advice to get it checked for asbestos. 

If you are worried about any of the property defects we have discussed above or you simply need a property survey for your house purchase, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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"As a first time buyer, Chassen House made everything so easy, the report was detailed, thorough and understandable, after survey communication was great."


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